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Wed, 18 Apr ’12

Comic Book Day: Lurking in the Shadows with Alex Ross

Plus the chance to win an incredible pulp prize pack

Before there was Batman, before there was Superman, before there was Alec Baldwin in that campy mess of a 1994 film, there was the Shadow. Fortunately, Dynamite Entertainment is here to reinvigorate the pulp icon. With a story by Garth Ennis, interior art by Aaron Campbell and a stunning cover from Alex Ross, The Shadow has never looked better. We sat down with Alex Ross to talk about his process, reinterpreting a classic character and his undisputed love for the Golden Age. To add a little icing to the proverbial cake, we’re also giving away a pulpy prize pack of Shadow goodies.

Nerdist News: You’ll be tackling a comics legend with The Shadow. Were you a longtime fan of the property? How do you approach rendering a classic character like this?

Alex Ross
: I’ve been wanting to see the Shadow back in comics for some time now, and I thought it might be special in my career to finally be painting the first costumed hero who inspired most everybody who exists today. There is obviously a history of painted illustration with the pulp covers of The Shadow, and I thought that it might be a nice fit for my own history. The Shadow’s look is such a striking one that I see no need for updating him but simply returning him to the forefront of illustration.

NN: Between projects like the classic MarvelsThe Shadow and Project Superpowers, you seem to be continually drawn to these Golden Age heroes. What is it about them that intrigues you and excites you artistically?

 I’m always impressed by the idea of what came first. The genesis of a concept often seems more intriguing than its umpteenth variation. Looking back at the original concepts of pulp characters and superheroes is a little bit like doing an archaeological dig. There’s often something so pure in those original characters, particularly because they’re largely devoid of the cynicism of our modern tastes.

The Shadow #1 is available from Dynamite Entertainment today. Be sure to read our full interview with Alex over on the Nerdist blog and click through to our contest page to win some exclusive Shadow swag that’s been skulking about.