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Wed, 25 Sep ’13

Nerdist Podcast Network: YouTube Edition!

Also, Marvel’s Post-War butt-kicker and Metallo springs to Action.

Nothin’ But Net – The Nerdist Podcast has been flying through cyberspace for over 400 episodes and has been steadily picking up steam since the very beginning. It’s nice to look back at those humble origins, which is why we’ve launched the Nerdist Podcast Network, a YouTube channel on which fans can listen to the first 100 episodes. So if you missed chats with Thomas Lennon, Jon Hamm and The Muppets, you can do so right here, right now!

Silver and Green – We’re loving DC Comics’ Villains Month, in which the baddies take control of their most popular titles, and cause a great deal of trouble for the heroes located within. For Action Comics #23.4, the baddie in question is none other than that chrome-plated, Kryptonite-fueled rapscallion, Metallo. But will he be a good guy or a bad guy this time around? Check out four exclusive preview pages on Nerdist.com now and make sure you wear a lead vest.

Carter Confab – With the release of Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray yesterday came the release of the latest short film in Marvel’s One-Shot series. This one, Agent Carter, sees Captain America’s main squeeze (Hayley Atwell) adjusting to life post-War and post-Cap. We spoke to the director of Agent Carter (which is set to become a TV series on ABC), Marvel’s Co-President Louis D’Esposito, about spy movies, making high-quality shorts and about the future of superhero sequels.

For more on these, and everything in the Geekisphere, keep it locked on Nerdist.com.