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Wed, 19 Jun ’13

Comic Book Day: Our 5 Favorite Comics Tumblrs

Get your bookmarking finger ready…

Power Comics – “Where enthusiasm meets frustration” is the theme for these independent, mostly hand drawn comics from the ‘70s to early ‘90s. The artistic talent may be lacking, but no one can argue the passion isn’t there – these are the B movies of comics. 

Read Comics Till Your Eyes Bleed! –  Their name alone is a sentiment we can certainly get behind. This Tumblr that features GIFs, amazing tribute art, independent selections and the occasional nostalgia bomb will keep your eyes glued to the monitor until they’re good and bloody.

F*ck Yeah, Comic Art!One of the best places we’ve found for a huge variety of both covers and tribute art to keep your monitor stylish and flaunt your geek flare. If you’re always on the hunt for new artists and fan illustrations to pore over, this is the one of the best time wasters around.

Comics Forever – If you’re more a fan of cape stories, head on over to Comics Forever; their appreciation of both current and classic DC and Marvel stories will keep you informed and entertained. No namby pamby art or stories here; this is all about the epicness that lives on through the heroes we love.

Indie Comics –  Simple and straightforward, this Tumblr is a collection of obscure independents that are sure to temper your daily dose of super stories. If you’re a fan of art comics, or want to browse in a less busy section of the comic store, this is for you.