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Wed, 5 Jun ’13

Comic Book Day: Pacific Rim Takes Us Back to Year Zero

Plus an interview with writer Travis Beacham

Taking cues from classic kaiju films like Gojira and cerebral mecha anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim is one of the most exciting new franchises we’ve seen in recent years. Yet, the film, which comes out on July 12th, drops us into a world where monsters are already roaming the Earth, barely giving the viewer time to get their sea legs before plunging them into colossal combat. Enter Legendary Comics’ Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, a standalone original graphic novel prequel that brings us back to a time before massive homicidal monsters roamed the Earth.

Tales from Year Zero takes us to the beginning, to a simpler time where men were men and eldritch beasts with otherworldly powers weren’t trying to destroy us. Written by Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham and co-developed by Guillermo del Toro, the graphic novel serves as an excellent primer for film viewers looking to immerse themselves in the wild world of Jaegers, Kaijus and people with awesome names like Raleigh Antrobus and Stacker Pentecost.

Want to go deeper into the world of Pacific Rim? Yesterday, we sat down with Guillermo del Toro and today we have an interview with Travis Beacham to help clue you in on how the graphic novel informs the film, how they crafted the visual design of the Pacific Rim universe and, of course, just what the hell we can expect from one of the summer’s biggest and brightest films.