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Tue, 10 Jul ’12

Comic Book Day: Putting the "Comic" Back in SDCC 2012

Because it’s Comic-Con, after all, and we love comics.

Crypt Keeper – In case the promise of board games and trading card games based on titles like The Walking Dead and Locke and Key weren’t enough to get you down to Cryptozoic’s SDCC retail space, then you’ll definitely want to get a sneak peek at their Penny Arcade co-developed comic Lookouts. Even better? We’re giving you a chance to win copies of their con exclusive Lookouts #1 covers

Off to the Races – Between awesome exclusives like the Marvel Classic Characters Syroco Hulk and Iron Man figures that take us back to the Golden Age and fan-favorite panels like Mike Mignola & Friends, Axe Cop and Powered by Creators, this Dark Horse is a sure bet for comic book fans.

Double Trouble – IDW is bringing awesome exclusives like pewter replicas of the Omega, Ghost and Whispering Iron Keys from Locke & Key and an epic signing schedule which will make the con floor slick with fanboy drool (and rightly so). Not to be outdone, Archaia’s panels offer fans insight on how to break into the business, creating your own worlds and their latest acquisition, the anime classic Cyborg 009.

The Dynamic Duo – Between Marvel and DC, it’s difficult to tell who’s having a bigger year; we’ll probably have to judge based on whether there are more Avengers or Batman cosplayers. Check out DC’s panels to get a unique insight into the New 52’s first year and Before Watchmen, but make sure to leave time to talk Avengers vs. X-Men and celebrate Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary with the House of Ideas. It’s gonna be a good con, ’nuff said!

A New Legend – After our interview with Legendary Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Schreck, we couldn’t wait for SDCC to find out more about their first original IP The Tower Chronicles. Add in signings with Matt Wagner (Grendel) and Simon Bisley (2000 A.D.), a panel moderated by Chris Hardwick (Room 6A, Thursday, 5PM) and the Mini-Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises and we can’t claw our way to booth #3920 fast enough.

In the Mix – Wondering where to get all these comics, so you’ll have something read while you’re waiting in line? Download them from the comiXology, then find out about the future of digital comics at one of their panels. C’mon; you’re going to be glued to your iPads and smartphone anyway, so why not read a comic?