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Wed, 18 Sep ’13

Comic Book Day: Ra’s Al Ghul & Arcane Collide

Also, Sharad Devarajan shares his dreams and Ben Affleck speaks his mind.

Villains Victorious – DC Comics is continuing its branded Villains Month, in which the baddies take over the covers of your favorite superhero titles. We have exclusive images from two of the publisher’s hottest tickets. In Batman & Robin #23.3, Ra’s Al Ghul steps out of the Lazarus Pool, and in Swamp Thing #23.1, we get a closer, more holographic look at Dr. Anton Arcane. Both villains seem to have trouble staying dead. Comics are like superhero soap operas.

Living the Dream – Sharad Devarajan really loves comics. He founded Gothic Entertainment, which was South Asia’s largest comics publisher and was instrumental in bringing Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and others to the region. He’s currently the co-founder and CEO of Graphic India, the company behind Grant Morrison’s 18 Days. He’s made his dreams come true, and we spoke to the Eastern Hemisphere graphic novel magnate about obtaining one’s goals. He’s a smart dude.

Ben Bites Back – It’s been a few weeks since Ben Affleck was announced as Warner Bros’ choice to don the cape and cowl of Gotham City’s greatest protector, and almost immediately the internet got bent out of shape about it. Fairly common for the internet, really. Well, now, Batffleck has struck back at his detractors in a statement stating he knows how to handle “stuff.” If he can deal with internet trolls, we think any measly Arkham inmate or angry Kryptonian won’t even stand a chance.

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