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Wed, 9 May ’12

Comic Book Day: Spotlight on Skybound

The sky’s the limit for Kirkman’s comic label.

One might expect Robert Kirkman’s publishing house to be called The Writing Dead or even Pope Fiction (because who doesn’t love Battle Pope?), but why go for the low-hanging fruit when the sky is the limit? Enter Skybound, an imprint of Image Comics Kirkman founded in 2010 after becoming a partner at the publisher in 2008. Nowadays, it’s a haven for smart, savvy creator-owned titles like the ones that made Robert Kirkman a household name. Don’t just take our word for it though, get your hands on the proof. Enter our massive Skybound giveaway and walk off with a haul that would make Conrad Paulsen green with envy.

Speaking of Conrad Paulsen, Thief of Thieves is one of the hottest titles in Skybound’s stable at the moment. This badass gentleman thief’s tale may just be getting started, but with an AMC television series in the works and three printings in as many issues, this is one tale you won’t want to miss. If you’re a fan of Skybound’s other AMC series The Walking Dead, then make a point of reading the source material; the gaping maws of the undead won’t be the only jaws dropping. What happens when an event is too big to be contained by one comic? You get the world-shaking, blood-soaked heroism of Guarding the Globe.

In addition to much of Kirkman’s creator-owned library, which includes fan favorites like Super Dinosaur and Invincible, Skybound Originals launched its first title last year with Brandon Seifert’s Witch Doctor, a supernatural medical horror which bears Legendary editor-in-chief Bob Schreck’s seal of approval. Go ahead, Dr. House; eat your heart out (which might also be a cure for lupus). Whether you’re hungry for brains, blasphemy, heroics or heists, Skybound is the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans of comic publishing and, given their track record, we can’t imagine ever cracking open an issue on Comic Book Day and remarking, “Alas, earwax.” Remember to enter our massive Skybound giveaway and head to our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to give yourself additional chances to taste the greatness for yourself.