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Wed, 21 Mar ’12

Comic Book Day: Tapping Out with G4’s Blair Butler

The “Heart” scribe gets passionate about comics and MMA

Blair Butler may not look like she can beat you up, but chances are she knows how to deploy a perfectly executed triangle choke. The host of G4’s Fresh Ink on Attack of the Show is a rabid mixed martial arts fan and nowhere is that passion evidenced more clearly than in her fantastic comic debut, Image’s Heart. We caught up with the multitalented Ms. Butler at WonderCon this weekend in the Interview Octagon.

Nerdist News: We’re not use to seeing sports-centric comics, so what motivated you in bringing Heart to life?

Blair Butler: It’s the story of this guy who really thinks he’s going to be a world-beater, a world champion and his career trajectory doesn’t go the way he thinks it’s going to go. And really it’s a love note to all the guys who fight in MMA and not only never get a belt but maybe never even make it to the big show in the UFC. Those guys who go out there and fight for fifty bucks or fight an amateur level and get beaten up for zero dollars, but they want to put themselves on the line and test themselves – that’s what I found really compelling. 

NN: What challenges did you face as a first-time comic writer? 

 If you’d like to write a comic book, I’d highly suggest that you appear on a TV show. It helps! [laughs] But, truthfully, Image would not have published the book if they didn’t like what they saw; they read the first issue and liked it, so I got incredibly lucky there. 

Heart #4 is available today at your local retailer. You can also catch Blair on Fresh Ink on G4’s Attack of the Show. Be sure to read our full interview with Blair to find out about surfing llamas, her stand-up career and, of course, Heart!