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Wed, 1 May ’13

Comic Book Day: The March to Trinity War

Plus an interview with Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire!

Beginning with its surprise reveal at last year’s Free Comic Book Day, the comics community has been earnestly awaiting DC’s massive summer event, “Trinity War.” A universe-spanning summer slugfest, “Trinity War” pits the Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark against one another in an action murder mystery that purports to have long-lasting and far-reaching ramifications for the DCU as we know it. Don’t believe us? Well, then take Geoff Johns’ and Jeff Lemire’s word for it. We sat down with the architects of the metahuman mega-event to get the inside scoop on who lives, who dies and who beats the everloving crap out of each other.

Revolving around the Trinity of Sin – Pandora, the Phantom Stranger and The Question – the enormous event kicks off with a murder most foul. Really, is there any other kind of murder? This serves as the catalyst, along with the mystery surrounding what happened to Pandora’s box and what was inside of it, that plunges the entirety of the DCU into an all-out war that threatens to destroy the Justice League(s) as we know it. Building on carefully laid plot threads from Justice League #1 and even as far back as”Flashpoint,” this event looks like it’ll be DC’s biggest boon to supersleuths since 2004’s excellent Identity Crisis.

With three teams, the Trinity of Sin and the Justice League’s own big three – Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman – the exact nature of “Trinity War” remains a mystery. Feeling out of the loop? Never fear – many storylines are coming to a close in advance of Trinity War, so now’s the perfect time to head down to your local comic book store and hop on the hype train. And with Free Comic Book Day happening this weekend, you’re running out of excuses to not have a good time.