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Wed, 13 Mar ’13

Comic Book Day: Three Members of the Justice League Come Home to You

We’re giving away three Kotobukiya statues!

DC’s Justice League has been on people’s minds a lot lately. There’s a rumor going ’round that The Dark Knight saga czar Christopher Nolan has been put in charge of the proposed Justice League feature film, with Christian Bale possibly returning as the man who isn’t wearing hockey pads. Issue #1 of Justice League of America introduced readers to what can be called the most solid B-team in recent memory, consisting of the likes of Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow and Catwoman, and Justice League proper just had a whole underwater battle issue as the situation with Atlantis hit the hydrothermal vent. Now you can add even more Justice League to your life by entering our contest to win a set of three Kotobukiya Justice League statues: Superman, the Flash and Green Lantern. For a 1,2,3 punch of extra chances to win, fly (or have Green Lantern carry you) over to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Last month in the pages of Justice League, “The Throne of Atlantis” storyline wrapped up with a bang (followed by several bubbles…underwater). It was an all-out war between the Atlanteans, the nasty fish people from the Trench and the Justice League. It was 30 pages of mayhem and, man alive, was it great! Now, the flagship book is ramping up to a whole new storyline, featuring a mysterious new entity known as “The Grid.” What is the Grid? A big fan of Battleship? Probably not, but it has us no less enticed. And what of Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship? Will it ruin the Justice League. With Justice League of America’s ominous beginning, it just might. Isn’t that always the case with inter-office romance? We’ll find out as we keep building toward the heavily-rumored “Trinity War” event later this year.

As for your own Justice League, you can’t really ruin anything if you start with the Man of Steel, the Fastest Man in the World and the pilot they call “Highball.” Kotobukiya‘s statues will give your display shelf that extra “oomph” and will scare away the evil statues that keep trying to take it over (we’re lookin’ at you, Darkseid). For your chance to win these three heroes, simply enter our contest and head to our Google+, Facebook and Twitter pages to get even more entries. If you win, feel free to put on your Batman costume and act really cold and distant toward the other three. Your evenings will be among the world’s finest.