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Wed, 4 Apr ’12

Comic Book Day: Turning the Page with Comic Book Club Live

Plus the latest on their Nerdist Channel debut!

Some folks call it Hump Day, but we know that Wednesday is a shining beacon of superheroic goodness along the craggy shores of the workweek. Well, steer your proverbial eye-schooners starboard towards the Nerdist Channel on YouTube because the heroheads behind popular podcast Comic Book Club Live are making their video debut today with a brand spankin’ new show on the Nerdist Channel. We managed to track down Messrs. Alex Zalben, Pete LePage and Justin Tyler to uncover their show’s secret origin story. In a mind-bending move worthy of an Alan Moore one-shot, they decided to cut out the middleman and conduct the interview themselves. 

Alex Zalben: 
Our first guest on the video show is Judah Friedlander, who famously deep-fried a comic on 30 Rock. If you absolutely had to, which book in your own collection would you put in the deep-frier? Pete, you’re not allowed to skip this one.

Justin Tyler: 
I keep my comics in a vat of lukewarm oil as it is, so I guess I would just need to turn up the heat.

Pete LePage: 
Never damage comics! Not cool. But if I had to, I would give a certain Spider-Man comic to someone else. Because I couldn’t do it, but I would want to.

AZ: What is the single nerdiest thing you own? I have a huge plush Bane doll from Batman: The Animated Series that I won in a giant claw machine. Et tu, Justin and Pete?

JT: Nerdiest thing? Probably 12,000 short picture books about people fighting crime in spandex. Also, a skintight Flash costume that I made. I exude sexuality.

PL: I made my own Hellboy t-shirt. It is just one panel: “Don’t mess with me lady, I’ve been drinking with skeletons.” Also, between me and my wife, we own three lightsabers, and a blaster.

We’d like to say “‘Nuff said,” but the rabbit hole goes much deeper in the full interview over at Nerdist. Then, when you’re done, you should head over to the Nerdist Channel on YouTube and watch their brand new show Comic Book Club Live with special guest 30 Rock‘s Judah Friedlander! Seriously, what are you waiting for? A herald of Galactus?