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Mon, 22 Jul ’13

Comic-Con 2013 – The Nerdist Wrap-Up

Panels, Announcements, Zero Charisma… A Nerdist needs all of these things.

It was one hell of a week for Team Nerdist; Comic-Con International 2013 in San Diego dropped a lot of big announcements from some of the hottest upcoming movies and TV shows, and we had a few of our own. Definitely a con full of pros.

Chris Hardwick moderated a metric ton of panels over course of the four days, most of them in the massive Hall H. From TV shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Community to movies like Ender’s Game, Kick-Ass 2, Riddick and The World’s End. And, of course, he moderated the Nerdist Industries panel in which we announced that we’re co-distributing a movie and starting a school.

For those who didn’t go to Comic-Con, but still want to know what sort of things went on, you’ll want to check out Matt Mira’s Comic-Con in 5 Minutes videos. Is it possible to compile three full days into 15 total minutes? Only when the bespectacled and bearded one is at the helm.

If that’s STILL not enough Comic-Con coverage, you’ll want to check out Ashley Eckstein and Dan Casey’s take on the proceedings as Course of the Force recaps all the action, then join Chloe Dykstra on the DC Comics stage as she shows off an Infinite Crisis Costume Contest. They’re super, man.

For more Comic-Con International fun including interviews with the cast of Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Grant Morrison, Bill Paxton Todd McFarlane and more, stay tuned to Nerdist.com and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel.