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Comic Books

Comic Book Day: Our 4 Favorite Comic Book Crossovers

Wed, 8 May ’13
With DC’s Trinity War and Marvel’s Infinity on the way, comic book readers are bracing for the universe-shattering impact of these massive… more

Comic Book Day: The March to Trinity War

Wed, 1 May ’13
Beginning with its surprise reveal at last year’s Free Comic Book Day, the comics community has been earnestly awaiting DC’s massive summer… more

Novel Graphics: The Five Best Comic Book Video Games

Wed, 17 Apr ’13
By: Brian WaltonTwo mediums absolutely tailor-made to cohabitate are comic books and video games. Who doesn’t want to take control of their… more

Comic Book Day: Superman Unchained Takes Flight

Wed, 10 Apr ’13
Scott Snyder might just be the J.J. Abrams of the DC Universe. That isn’t to say he has a penchant for lens flares; rather, the Batman and… more

Comic Book Day: Avatar – Let The Search Begin

Wed, 20 Mar ’13
Adapting a film or television show into a comic book is always a risky proposition – you can wind up with a hollow attempt to cash in on a… more

Comic Book Day: Three Members of the Justice League Come Home to You

Wed, 13 Mar ’13
DC’s Justice League has been on people’s minds a lot lately. more

Comic Book Day: A Talk with Mouse Guard’s David Petersen

Wed, 13 Feb ’13
The idea of a comic book centering around anthropomorphic mice living in a medieval society might sound like a killer logline for a… more

Comic Book Day: 4 Criminally Good Noir Comics

Wed, 30 Jan ’13
With the success of titles like Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Fatale and Francesco Francavilla’s pulse-pounding The Black Beetle: No Way… more

Comic Book Day: David Marquez Makes His Mark

Wed, 23 Jan ’13
If you don’t already know the name David Marquez, you will soon. The All-New X-Men artist began his career as an animator on Richard… more

Comic Book Day: The Fabled Bill Willingham

Wed, 16 Jan ’13
Slow and steady may have won the race for Aesop’s titular tortoise, but Bill Willingham’s sprawling fantasy series Fables has unfolded at a… more

Get a Load of This

At the premiere of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. more