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Comic Books

All I Want For Christmas is Comics!

Wed, 21 Dec ’11
Sometimes stepping off the trodden path means accidentally walking through a web of radioactive spiders, or veering through some cosmic… more

Comic Book Day: Spotlight on Top Cow

Wed, 21 Dec ’11
Jumping into a long-running series or a new comics universe can be a daunting endeavor. There are just so many characters, so much story… more

Comic Book Day: AvX is Coming!

Wed, 14 Dec ’11
Top Pick: Avengers X-Sanction #1 – Cable was dead, for over an entire year! But no one really dies in the Marvel U, so he was just… in the… more

A Super Theater Troupe Tackles Superhero Tropes

Thu, 8 Dec ’11
A wise man once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely super-powered entities capable of world-saving heroics.”… more

Comic Book Day: Fraction’s Defenders!

Wed, 7 Dec ’11
Top Pick: Defenders #1 – Matt Fraction has something up his sleeve, and it’s a doozy: a secret about the root of all Marvel myths. Arising… more

Comic Book Day: Food-Coma Be Damned!

Wed, 30 Nov ’11
Top Pick: Daredevil #6 – Marvel had a little relaunch of its own this past spring called Big Shots. It flew a little under the radar,… more

One Month Ain’t Enough Eastman

Mon, 28 Nov ’11
You don’t show your love for a comic legend like Kevin Eastman by sending him some balloons and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. For… more

Comic Book Day: Comics Holiday Shopping Guide

Wed, 23 Nov ’11
Black Friday is only two days away and our favorite comic shops are having sales. We’ve compiled a list of what you should go after. … more

GCDeal: 40% Off a Superhero Walking Tour

Wed, 16 Nov ’11
New York gave birth to the American comic book in the 1930s, and hasn’t slept since. Back then, Stan Lee (also born in NY) wasn’t much… more

Comic Book Day: No Powers Wednesday!

Wed, 16 Nov ’11
Top Pick: The Punisher #5 – This might be the best book you’re not reading (and if you are reading it, kudos!). Greg Rucka’s take on Frank… more

Get a Load of This

At the premiere of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. more