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Quick Hits

DC Preview

Check out this exclusive preview of DC Comics titles hitting the shelves very soon.

Funny Pages

Superman leads the pack of new and notable comics books in this week’s Pull List.


Jughead unleashes the unthinkable as zombies invade Afterlife with Archie.

Occult On

The Occultist rounds out our top 3 comics choices this week on our Pull List. 

Pull List

See what’s hot off the presses and on comic shop shelves with this week’s Pull List.

Clone Trooper

Hear from the people behind Clone on Nerdist Comics Panel Issue #14.

Pull List

Check out all this week’s comics, including Captain Ultimate, on the Pull List.

Villains Month

Check out an exclusive look at Teen Titans Trigon storyline from DC Comics.

Pull List

Feast your eyes on all the week’s top comic book picks for this week in the Pull List.