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Fri, 23 Aug ’13

Girl Power: A Spotlight on Female Mangaka

The queen bees of makin’ manga.


Girl Power: A Spotlight on Female Mangaka

Fri, 23 Aug ’13
Hiromu Arakawa (Full Metal Alchemist): Our first mangaka on the list is responsible for one of the most beloved series in recent history. more

Week in Review: Doraemon Snowboards and Evangelion Exhibits

Thu, 22 Aug ’13
Planet of the Great Teachers – GTO scribe Tohru Fujisawa is a busy man(gaka) with current writing duties on Kamen Teacher Black, Ino Head…more

Week in Review: One Piece Ice Cream, Titan Toys and Gundam Manga

Thu, 1 Aug ’13
Gundam without Gundam – The Gundam franchise has seen about five thousand incarnations in various forms, but the newest adaptation is…more

Week in Review: An Eisner Win, Princess Knight and Pokemon X/Y

Fri, 26 Jul ’13
Hail to the King – A story so nice that they nominated it twice, Brandon Graham’s King City took home the 2013 Eisner Award for “Best…more

Week in Review: Miyazaki and Assassin’s Creed

Thu, 11 Jul ’13
The Wind is Documented – Anime legend Hayao Miyazaki is busy at work on the newest Studio Ghilbi film, The Wind Rises, and…more

3 Comedy Manga To Brighten Your Summer

Tue, 2 Jul ’13
Sgt Frog – The age old story of a boy meeting an evil alien frog, Sgt Frog is an internationally loved manga with a twisted sense of comedy…more

OTAKUSWAG: Spotlight on Akaneiro & Lone Wolf and Cub

Wed, 22 May ’13
While they’re typically known for their robust comic book offerings which run the gamut from the horror-tinged awesomeness of Mike Mignola’…more

5 Horror Manga You Might Have Missed

Wed, 15 May ’13
Uzumaki, Junji Ito – Whenever we recommend this comic to friends, the reaction is always the same one we had when we first heard about…more

Must-Read Monday: The Wild World of All-Ages Manga

Mon, 13 May ’13
Pokemon Adventures – Sure, you’re familiar with Ash Ketchum and his Poke-ventures on both the TV screen and your handheld console…more

Kleenex, Anyone? A Look at Nosebleeds in Anime

Mon, 6 May ’13
You know when you have a crush on someone and you see him or her and butterflies start swooping around and invisible choirs play? Well, all…more

Get a Load of This

The 81st Comic Market/Comiket is almost upon us! E.N.Nach is hot out the Gate with their Steins;… more