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Wed, 2 Oct ’13

Comic Book Day: Green Lantern Goes Dark with Lights Out

Plus, Facing Destiny, A Super Exclusive, & ICYMP

Color Guard – "Light’s Out" kicks off in this week’s Green Lantern #24. With yet more iminent doom on the horizon for our favorite ring slingers, we…more

Comic Book Day: A Mouse Guard Giveaway & Interview with David Petersen

Wed, 26 Jun ’13
One of the biggest stories in the wild world of comic books this week was the acquisition of Archaia Entertainment by BOOM! Studios. Known…more

Comic Book Day: Our 5 Favorite Comics Tumblrs

Wed, 19 Jun ’13
Power Comics – “Where enthusiasm meets frustration” is the theme for these independent, mostly hand drawn comics from the ‘70s to early ‘…more

Comic Book Day: Pacific Rim Takes Us Back to Year Zero

Wed, 5 Jun ’13
Taking cues from classic kaiju films like Gojira and cerebral mecha anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim is one of the most…more

Comic Book Day: 5 Hilariously Terrible Missteps in Comics

Wed, 22 May ’13
Hemo-Goblin – What do you get when you mix vampire lore and blatant racism? Hemo-Goblin, the white supremacist vampire spook who…more

Comic Book Day: Image’s Fatale Continues Its Killing Spree

Wed, 15 May ’13
Since 1999’s Scene of the Crime, a four-issue Vertigo mini-series, writer Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have produced over 1,500 pages of…more

Comic Book Day: Our 4 Favorite Comic Book Crossovers

Wed, 8 May ’13
With DC’s Trinity War and Marvel’s Infinity on the way, comic book readers are bracing for the universe-shattering impact of these massive…more

Comic Book Day: The March to Trinity War

Wed, 1 May ’13
Beginning with its surprise reveal at last year’s Free Comic Book Day, the comics community has been earnestly awaiting DC’s massive summer…more

Five Marvel Heroes That Deserve Their Own Movie in Phase III

Mon, 29 Apr ’13
Hawkeye – Let’s face it – Jeremy Renner was underutilized in The Avengers. We loved seeing Clint Barton on the big screen, but we…more

Comic Book Day: Amanda Conner, Artist Extraordinaire

Wed, 17 Apr ’13
Based on her artwork alone, we were predisposed towards liking Amanda Conner. With powerhouse runs on Painkiller Jane, Power Girl, Before…more

Comic Book Day: Superman Unchained Takes Flight

Wed, 10 Apr ’13
Scott Snyder might just be the J.J. Abrams of the DC Universe. That isn’t to say he has a penchant for lens flares; rather, the Batman and…more