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Wed, 2 Oct ’13

Comic Book Day: Green Lantern Goes Dark with Lights Out

Plus, Facing Destiny, A Super Exclusive, & ICYMP

Color Guard – "Light’s Out" kicks off in this week’s Green Lantern #24. With yet more iminent doom on the horizon for our favorite ring slingers, we…more

Comic Book Day: The Best Comics of 2012

Wed, 26 Dec ’12
Great Caesar’s Ghost! 2012 was one hell of a year for comic book readers, huh? The Big Two, DC and Marvel, essentially rebooted their…more

Comic Book Day: Chasing Down Joe Madureira

Wed, 19 Dec ’12
To many of us Joe Madureira is living the dream. He’s made a name for himself in comics with titles like Uncanny X-Men and Battle Chasers…more

Comic Book Day: Mutants, Ninjas and the Uncanny Sam Humphries

Wed, 12 Dec ’12
Sam Humphries may just be the nicest guy in comics. He’s also the most Horatio Algier-esque. After his self-published Our Love is Real sold…more

Anomaly Detected: Sci-Fi’s Newest Shooting Star

Fri, 7 Dec ’12
To many in Hollywood, Skip Brittenham is one of the industry’s most prominent lawyers. But Skip isn’t just a high-powered entertainment…more

EXCLUSIVE: Star Wars #1 First Look With Brian Wood

Wed, 5 Dec ’12
In a galaxy very, very close, Dark Horse will be putting out a brand new monthly Star Wars comic book beginning on January 9th,…more

Comic Book Day: Before John Tower, Five Prior Supernatural Sleuths

Wed, 28 Nov ’12
John Tower is a bounty hunter who tracks down demons, monsters and all other nightmarish beasties in the graphic novel series The Tower…more

Holiday Shopping Guide: Comic Book Day

Wed, 21 Nov ’12
How are you going to seasonally shop for the comic-book addict in your life? We’ve got some (graphic) novel ideas… more

Geek this Week: The Calendar You Really Want

Tue, 16 Oct ’12
A Very Good Year – A bevy of beauties, including the Nerdist Channel’s own Just Cos host Chloe Dykstra, want to give you a groovy, gorgeous…more

Comic Book Day: New York Comic Con Edition

Wed, 10 Oct ’12
This weekend, we’re going to live (Big) Apple-y ever after, as New York City’s Javits Center becomes pop-cultural ground zero and your new…more

Comic Book Day: Hunting Down the The Tower Chronicles

Wed, 26 Sep ’12
Now that Batman is off sipping Fernet Brancas at an Italian cafe (at least in The Dark Knight Rises universe), the world is in need of a…more