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Wed, 2 Oct ’13

Comic Book Day: Green Lantern Goes Dark with Lights Out

Plus, Facing Destiny, A Super Exclusive, & ICYMP

Color Guard – "Light’s Out" kicks off in this week’s Green Lantern #24. With yet more iminent doom on the horizon for our favorite ring slingers, we…more

Comic Book Day: Getting Down to Business with Simon Bisley

Wed, 19 Sep ’12
Legendary Comics’ first original title, The Tower Chronicles, is nearly upon us! It’s T-minus one week until your local comic book store is…more

Comic Book Day: Wake Up with Bill Jemas

Wed, 12 Sep ’12
Bill Jemas has worn many hats over the course of his career: NBA executive, Marvel Publisher, comic book writer and straw fedora. Okay,…more

Comic Book Day: Super Schmaltzy – The Top 5 Superhero Romances

Wed, 5 Sep ’12
DC Comics caused a stir when the cover of Justice League #12 was revealed, depicting Superman and Wonder Woman locking lips. But they aren’…more

Spider-Man’s Silver Age Anniversary

Fri, 24 Aug ’12
Since 1962, the world has been gaga over a New York photographer in red and blue spandex. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s creation of Spider-Man…more

Comic Book Day: Jim Lee Gets Braver and Bolder

Wed, 15 Aug ’12
After hitting the restart button on their entire universe and creating a series of controversial prequels for one of the most popular…more

The Inside Scoop on Insight Editions

Thu, 9 Aug ’12
Do you like books? Of course you do; what else are you going to do when your Internet goes out? Chances are, then, you’ll enjoy the…more

Comic Book Day: Michael Avon Oeming’s "The Victories" is a Real Winner

Wed, 1 Aug ’12
Many of us walk around each day, slowly bottling our anxieties and insecurities until they reach a boiling point. It can be helpful to talk…more

Comic Book Day: Tom Morello Grows an Orchid

Wed, 25 Jul ’12
Meet Morgan Grindstaff. Morgan is living with Cystic Fibrosis and being a fan of both comics and music, Morgan became the natural choice to…more

Comic Book Day: A Dark Knight Rises Comic Primer

Wed, 18 Jul ’12
At midnight Friday, The Dark Knight Rises finally arrives in theaters completing Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. Before we all go…more

Comic-Con International’s Gems for the Hall H Avoider

Fri, 13 Jul ’12
If you’ve been attending the San Diego Comic-Con International for a few years, chances are this has happened to you: you get caught up in…more