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Wed, 2 Oct ’13

Comic Book Day: Green Lantern Goes Dark with Lights Out

Plus, Facing Destiny, A Super Exclusive, & ICYMP

Color Guard – "Light’s Out" kicks off in this week’s Green Lantern #24. With yet more iminent doom on the horizon for our favorite ring slingers, we…more

Comic Book Day: Let’s Talk Digital Comics

Wed, 18 Jan ’12
By: Charlene JimenezIn the dark ages when digital comics first dropped, only older comics were available, good portable devices for reading…more

Literary Amazing: The Geeky Greatness of Chronicle Books

Tue, 17 Jan ’12
If you’re a discerning reader, then you probably have a few titles from San Francisco’s Chronicle Books on your shelf, whether you realize…more

Comic Book Day: Getting Barbaric with Brian Wood

Wed, 11 Jan ’12
Comic book scribe Brian Wood has is tackling the Herculean task of penning the upcoming Conan the Barbarian for Dark Horse. We…more

Free Tibet (in Comics Exhibit)

Fri, 6 Jan ’12
According to some comics featuring Lara Croft, Doctor Strange or Mickey Mouse, there is a mystical land called Tibet tucked into the…more

Comic Book Day: Hangover Reading

Wed, 4 Jan ’12
Top Pick: Fatale #1 – The team that brought you hits like Sleeper, Incognito, and Criminal have a new series dropping today. Fatale…more

City Unmasked: Kinky and Inky

Tue, 3 Jan ’12
New York Comic Converging – If one of your resolutions is to have something to look forward to for almost the entire year, we’ve got…more

2011 Postmortem: NY’s Best Stuff

Wed, 28 Dec ’11
Best Event: New York Comic Con – Maybe it’s not such a fair match since they had over 700 excellent exhibitors and 400+ awesome artists on…more

Comic Book Day: Top 5 Comics of 2011

Wed, 28 Dec ’11
Events ‘R’ Us – Marvel’s “Fear Itself” was epic, and the industry as a whole shifted further into digital distribution, but the big event…more

Pursuit of Wisdom: An Interview with the Curator for Tibet in Comics

Fri, 23 Dec ’11
From The Incredible Hulk to the Japanese manga 3X3 Eyes, comic books have used Tibet as either a setting or influence of their storylines,…more