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Tue, 10 Jul ’12

Con-llector’s Items: Our Most Wanted SDCC 2012 Exclusives

Shut up and take our money! Wait, do you also take debit card?

Hard Knock Hardcover – Now this is an art book worth fighting over! Udon Entertainment wants to take you for a ride down memory lane with Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works, a nearly 200 page hardcover book of rare and never-before-seen Marvel vs. Capcom art and production materials. Just be careful when you tag in a friend to read your copy because there are only 200 of these bad boys in existence. 

Domo Jones’ Locker – Prepare your wallets to be boarded, me hearties, because Dark Horse is bringing a limited-edition 2″ Pirate Domo Qee figure. These Qee figures have a history of selling out and considering that there are only 1,500 available, you may want to resort to some cutthroat pirate tactics of your own in order to leave with this rare Domo booty. 

Okey Dokey Tokidoki – Not only will tokidoki co-creator Simone Legno be in attendance at this year’s SDCC, but you can rock out with a con-exclusive 6″ Cactus Rocker Blue figure and brand new Street Fighter vs. tokidoki t-shirts from the LA-based lifestyle label. Hadouken you dig it? 

Tekken Your Time – It just wouldn’t feel like a con without some epic Kotobukiya exclusives, which is why we were elated to hear about the succinctly-named Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Alisa Bosconovich Mishima Zaibatsu Exclusive Color Version Bishoujo Statue. Whew, that was a mouthful. With only 1,500 produced, you may have to use your pugilistic prowess to walk away with one. Just make sure to avoid the shirtless guy with a leopard head.

What San Diego Comic-Con International exclusive are you most excited for? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!