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Mon, 26 Aug ’13

Could There Be a Nausicaa Sequel in the Works?

Find out what Hayao Miyazaki said…

One of the hallmarks of Studio Ghibli’s thoroughly impressive output over the years is that they’ve managed to put out timeless tale after timeless tale without retreading familiar ground in the form of a sequel. According to Hayao Miyazaki, though, all of that could be changing and we could be seeing a sequel to cult classic Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. While appearing on Japanese morning talk show Oosama no Brunch, Miyazaki revealed that he’s open to the idea of a sequel to his 1984 sophomore work. The catch? It won’t be directed by Miyazaki.

Who will get to helm the return to that Ohmu-filled lan? None other than Evangelion‘s Hideaki Anno will be helming the project, which is fitting considering Anno helped animate the original Nausicaa. Miyazaki was so impressed by Anno’s work on the film that he let him animate some of the most complex sequences, which in turn lead to Anno getting the Evangelion director’s job. Folks often refer to Studio Ghibli as the Pixar of Japan, so it seems almost inevitable that they’d turn to sequels eventually. We’re just hoping there’s no Pom Poko 2 though…

When all is said and done, a sequel does make sense – it’s something that Anno has wanted to do for a long time and the original Nausicaa only covers about 1/3 of the manga on which it’s based. More importantly, what do you think? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!