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Tue, 9 Jul ’13

Course of the Force Kicks Off!

Giveaways, Andy Richter and Nerdy Jobs… A Jedi Should Crave These Things

Skywalker Ranch Rodeo – It’s finally here! Course of the Force kicks off today in Marin County at Skywalker Ranch. Nerdist News’ own Dan Casey will be keeping us updated on the relay with daily updates on StarWars.com/CourseoftheForce. We’re excited, you’re excited, even Chewbacca’s excited.

Swag Grab – The costumed Course of the Force runners are giving to a worthy cause for their chance to hoist the Lightsaber abover their head and run screaming down the Pacific Coast Highway and that’s why the Course of the Force Gift Bags are filled with awesome Force filled goodness. Check out what’s in the bag and then enter our Course of the Force Gift Bag Giveaway! Find additional chances to enter on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Chris Hardwick’s Day Off – If he played by the rules he’d be in gym class right now. No, not Ferris Bueller, Chris Hardwick! The Nerdist leader needed a break when the missing Lightsaber became too much for him, but instead of having a Cameron sized freak out he did the right thing and took some me time at his local Cinemark. And wouldn’t you know, the answers may just come after all, in the form of… Andy Richter?!

“Get a job!” – Not everyone’s daily grind is a grind and the Nerdist Channel’s latest show, Nerdy Jobs, is here to show you that work doesn’t have to be boring. Join host Matt Bennett as he takes viewers on a tour of Ford for some virtual bad driving, sees the world in new dimensions thanks to RealD 3D and gets inside the block head of Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya. That pun hurt worse than stepping on an actual Lego.