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Mon, 24 May ’10

Custom Skid Marks!

Move over, Sims: The ModNation Racers have peeled into town!

ModNation Racers isn’t a car game. It’s a full-featured imagination engine for limitless creative expression that’s only disguised as a car game.

Yeah, there are the vehicles, laps and finish lines you’d find in any in any old racing sim. In fact, as kart racers go it’s a fairly excellent one. But at its heart ModNationout tomorrow on PS3 – is more like an art studio. Everything from your driver to your hoopty to the very world you’re careening through is a blank canvas waiting to be created by you.

It all starts with your wheelman, who looks like a vinyl toy missing his paintjob. An infinite number of colors, body parts, stickers, clothing, hair, hats and other accessories lets you make him freakishly unique. Then it’s time to do the same with your vehicle, which can be customized to run on anything from a rocket to an oversized human heart.

Instantly throw your car and driver into a race on one of the game’s prefab speedways, or design your own bizarro Bristol in the track editor. There you can lay miles of track, create tunnels, ramps and overpasses, conjure mountains out of the ground and dig out waterways. Add obstacles and terrain textures to the road, then plop trees and buildings into the environment. Save it, race it and share it with other Modders online.

Now, if only you actually had an imagination.