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Tue, 25 Oct ’11

Plastic Scene Dream: Designer Con 2011

Collectors beware: you’re going to need more display cases after this.

No, that’s not new car smell in the air; your Toyota is still right where you left it. That fragrance you detect is the sweet scent of freshly pressed vinyl figures and collectible toys on the march to the Pasadena Convention Center. Designer Con is just around the corner on November 5 and if you refuse to “grow up” and put your action figures away, we’ll be seeing you there.

For one day only, D-Con will assemble the top talent in the world of vinyl toys and underground pop art to present their wares in advance of the looming holiday season. But these aren’t necessarily the type of toys you’ll want to risk dragging down a chimney come Christmas Eve. Cute doesn’t mean cheap in this realm; expect to see one of a kind creations and extremely limited edition custom art on display throughout the day. G.I. Joe has his place, but figures like these can’t be picked up at Target like some 40 pack of toilet paper, so don’t be shocked to find your inner child resurrected (and not happy about being locked up for so long) in the face of all these awesome playthings.

Among the hundred or so makers and artists you’ll get to meet at Designer Con are winners of this year’s Designer Toy Awards like Doktor A, Super7, Brandt Peters and 25,000 square feet of their favorite collaborators. The art at the show might be pricey, but it’s cheap to browse. The show costs $5 to get in if you grab a ticket right now, and for once in your life it may pay to be lazy; after 3 pm on the day of the show, entrance is free.