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Sat, 5 Apr ’14

DMW’s LA Games Conference Levels Up LA’s Gaming Scene

Eat your heart out, E3.

While LA is home to video gaming conventions of all shapes and sizes, its newest addition, DMW’s LA Games Conference, might just be the most exciting. On April 18th and 19th, Hollywood’s glamorous Roosevelt Hotel will host the LA Games Conference, an epic two day event featuring fireside chats, panels, demos and presentations on everything from digital game creation to monetization to marketing to distribution and beyond. If you’re looking to get an industry insider’s perspective on how your favorite titles go from a scribble in a notebook to sold out store shelves, then look no further. Hundreds of industry leaders will gather to network, talk shop, and share ideas about the future of gaming as we know it. And the best part? For the simple act of enjoying your burrito on a regular basis and being a Nerdist reader, you can get 20% off registration by using discount code NERDIST20!

While the event has a little something for everybody, this is an ideal opportunity for those of you looking to break into the game biz or those of you who fancy yourself the next Shigeru Miyamoto. Case in point, the robust speaker list, which is replete with industry luminaries like EA’s SVP of Publishing Pascal Brochier, Zynga’s Chief Revenue Officer Barry Cottle, The Nerdist Channel’s own Alision Haislip, thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago and many more. After spending the weekend in a think tank this deep, you’re bound to emerge like a newly minted video gaming Lazarus (or Ra’s al Ghul if you’re nasty, detective).

Need more than big names to get your excitement engine running? Don’t worry, DMW’s got you covered with two robust tracks – Distribution and Monetization – which will take you from part-time programmer to bedroom billionaire in no time. So go ahead and clear your schedule, watch Indie Game: The Movie to psyche yourself up and use the NERDIST20 discount code to get 20% off your registration. Just remember the little people who told you about this awesome opportunity when you’re diving into a pile of gold coins, Scrooge McDuck-style, for making a megahit like Podquest: Journey to the Center of the Burrito.