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Mon, 5 Aug ’13

Doctor Who Invades Geek Week

Global Geekery Day has a TARDIS load of videos

Monday is Global Geekery Day on YouTube’s Geek Week and the Nerdist Channel is celebrating with some globe-hopping galavanting of its own.

Time Lord Trivia – You can’t get much more global than a British series about traveling in space and time, and the stars of Doctor Who, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, have ten mind bending facts about that 50-year old show we all know and love. Ever wonder why the TARDIS is a police box? Or how its iconic dematerialization noise was created? Well, our two heroes give us the proper 411. (That’s a year, by the way.)

A-NI-MATE! A-NI-MATE! – Speaking of Doctor Who, we’ve also got some animated adventures for you. First, the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory get the anime treatment in a battle with everyone from the Angels to the Zygons, and especially those plunger-having pepper shakers, the Daleks. Next, check out the latest installment of Doctor Puppet in which the stop-motion Smith comes face to face with the black-clad Master. He’s adorably threatening.

Counting the Days – Going a little farther across the globe, the Indian myth The Mahabharata gets new life from Grant Morrison and Graphic India in the new animated series 18 Days. You can watch the first two episodes now and find out more about the inception of the series by watching our Comic-Con panel with Grant Morrison and Graphic India’s Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra.

Stay tuned for more Geek Week goodness on Nerdist.com!