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Tue, 8 Nov ’11

Kermit for Kindle: Download Henson’s "Being Green" Book

It’s the hard frog life for us.

It isn’t easy being green. A color associated with envy, sickness, marginalized third-parties in elections and reluctant power-ring wielders can bring to mind all kinds of uphill battles. But then there’s Kermit the Frog, who knows that it takes every color of the spectrum to make a Rainbow Connection. And you’d hardly want him to be yellow or blue, would you? We wouldn’t have our favorite amphibian-puppet any other way. Although…

Starting today, there is a brand-new way to enjoy the wisdom of Kermit. It’s Not Easy Being Green And Other Things to Consider has been out in book form for a while, but now you can download it as an e-book. A collection of sayings and drawings by Kermit’s creator Jim Henson – as well as many of those who worked with and loved him – it’s a perfect primer of Muppetational magic. Even if you think you know the Henson world well, there are surprises in there. Like, who knew Dr. Teeth’s lyrics were so inspirational?

Check out our interview with Cheryl Henson about the making of the book, then continue to celebrate Jim’s 75th birthday year by downloading the touching tome. You may not manage a tribute quite as elaborate as the one Google put online, but whatever you do to remember Jim, why wonder how it comes out? It’ll be fine…and we think it’s what you’re supposed to be.