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Mon, 10 Jun ’13

E3 2013: What to Expect From the Big Companies

It’s Christmas in June for video game fans!

SonySony only showed us the games during the big PS4 reveal, so expect their press conference to focus on the nitty gritty of the PS4 system. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has been playing up the fact that the PS4 is primarily a gaming device, perhaps in an effort to learn from Microsoft’s perceived mistakes.

MicrosoftGiven the recent blowback over the Xbox One reveal and its “always on” functionality, expect Microsoft to do damage control and try to win back hearts and minds with more exclusive game reveals. Here’s hoping that their upcoming slate of games proves more alluring than Big Brother Kinect’s ever watchful eye.

Nintendo – Already being called a “no-show” by some, the venerated video game maker has officially announced they won’t be having a press conference and will have a limited presence at the industry event. They will, however, have a Nintendo Direct event on Tuesday, 6/11 at 7 AM PST and are partnering with 100 Best Buy stores in the U.S. and Canada to let the public play unreleased Wii U game demos.

Valve – Head honcho Gabe Newell has confirmed that Valve will not be exhibiting at E3 this year, effectively dashing the hopes and dreams of eager gamers hoping to see the Steambox unveiled. The chances of the PC-in-your-living-room system launching with Half-Life 3 are about as good as its chances of releasing in 2013: slim to none.

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