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Editorial Policy & Staff

Nerdist News editorial staff and trusted contributors create our content on their own and do not rely on hearsay to determine what fits our needs. We understand that our readers are deeply passionate about how they spend their free time, and that they value their interaction with media as a source of information, discovery, ideas and news. Our daily newsletter is designed to build a relationship with pop-culture enthusiasts that are more deeply connected and powerful because it is more accessible, more engaging and more beneficial to their being in-the-know.

More importantly, our judgment is not for sale: Companies cannot pay to be recommended by Nerdist News. Our advertisers are featured in obvious positions on our website and e-mails, and if we work with a company, you’ll know we’ve been approached by them and how. Your trust is essential to our success, and we will always maintain transparency in our interaction with corporate entities.

Occasionally we’ll send you a dedicated e-mail from our partners. These advertorials will be clearly marked in the subject line as dedicated e-mails and by a note in the e-mail. The content in these e-mails is paid for by our sponsors, and doesn’t reflect the opinions of the Nerdist News editorial staff. These partnerships help keep Nerdist News running so we can bring you new content every day.

The most important thing you need to know is Nerdist News will never sell or share your information or our subscriber list with any company. You have our 100 percent guarantee on that.

Brian Walton, Editor in Chief, [email protected]

Peter Y. Levin, Senior Editor, [email protected]

Christopher Fealy, Technology Editor, [email protected]