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Tue, 14 Jun ’11

Geek This Week – Monopoly Goes Metal

Plus: Anne Hathaway is ripping up The Dark Knight Rises.

GAMES#1. Master of Properties – Hasbro is releasing Monopoly, the Metallica edition. “Free Parking” is now “Free Downloads.” Land there, and Lars sends you immediately to jail where he uses your head as a kick-drum. There’s also a Community Chest card that reads, “You recorded St. Anger. You lose the game. And all integrity.”

MOVIES#2. Guns…and Buns – Anne Hathaway has been having a tough time on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. First, she hit a stuntman in the eye with a rifle. Then, she ripped the seat out of her Catwoman suit while filming an action scene. We hope she was wearing her Catwoman Underoos. Then again…maybe we hope she wasn’t.

TECH#3. Zucking it Up – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg gave the eighth grade commencement speech at Belle Haven Community School. Not only did he class up the proceedings by wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but he also told the kids that there are no shortcuts to success and stressed having loyalty to friends. After the speech, the middle school choir broke into a rousing rendition of Alanis Morissette’s Ironic.

TECH#4. You Shark Me All Bite Long – An Australian tour guide revealed that instead of using chum, he uses AC/DC to attract sharks to his boat. The sharks respond to the music by gently rubbing their noses against the speakers; scientists believe this is the fish equivalent to “throwing up the horns”.