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EXCLUSIVE: Gentle Giant’s Mars Attacks! Martian Bust and Ornaments

  • Everyone’s favorite skull-faced, open-brained alien has never looked better and Gentle Giant’s Christmas ornament homage to the original trading cards in the bottom right is just awesome.

  • From his ray gun to his creepy claw-hands, Gentle Giant nailed the nuances of our neighbors from the Red Planet.

  • The helmet looks as though it might be removable, but why you would want to asphyxiate this lil’ guy instead of blasting country music at him is beyond us.

  • That the stand for the bust is flames erupting from the flying saucer’s engines is icing on the green Martian cake.

  • A little moisturizer would work wonders for this guy, don’t you think? Check out the incredible detailing from Gentle Giant’s sculptors.

  • Not to be out-done by his big brother, this hover-head ornament will brighten up any Christmas tree (or try to destroy it).

  • You saw mommy kissing Santa Claus; we saw Martians vaporize him.