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Tue, 10 Apr ’12

Exclusive Reveal: Mars Attacks San Diego Comic-Con International!

Your first look at Gentle Giant’s SDCC Martian bust.

It’s never too early to start thinking Comic-Con International, and Gentle Giant certainly have, unveiling the first look at their exclusive Mars Attacks bust right here. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original, controversial trading cards from Topps, much new merchandise is planned, including new cards, T-shirts, toys…but this will be the only bust, and only available for purchase at SDCC. And while anyone with a brain in their head would run from a ray-gun-wielding alien with a brain outside of its, a limited-edition collectible (only 550 will be made) like this should have you setting a course for the GG booth at full speed to acquire this bad boy. 

He clearly does not come in peace, but there’s no assembly required for this 7.5″ replica, whose torso is perched atop a flying saucer, with exhaust flames serving as the bust base. Check out our mini-gallery to see this interstellar incinerator from all angles…along with a sneak-peek at another exclusive item: the Mars Attacks Christmas-tree ornament! Hey, if John Carter comes home for the holidays, you want to make him feel comfortable.

It’s not necessarily doomsday when the Martians arrive: stock up on bottled water, Tom Jones and some yodeling records and you might be okay. But it could feel like the end of the world if you miss out on this beauty of a bust. If Martians just aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Gentle Giant Ltd. has something gorgeous for everyone. Have a look at the beautiful busts and statues we scoped when we toured their studio recently. As for your new favorite Martians, supplies will be almost as limited as the alien invader’s vocabulary, so ack-ack-ask yourself if you can afford to miss the boat (or the saucer, whatevs). Because if you’re the only one who doesn’t plunder the spoils of the red planet, you just might turn green with envy.