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Thu, 6 Jun ’13

Exclusive: The Animal Fighting Championships

Max Landis Goes Wild With Wallpaper

The mind that brought us Chronicle and The Death and Return of Superman, Max Landis, is at it again, and this time he’s determined to find out what wild beast wins in a battle of wits, strength, and dance accompanied by an artillery of highly messy weaponry. The music video for Wallpaper’s The Underdog is an energetic explosion of color and sound that tells the story of ruthless beasts’ quest for glory in bursts of super slow motion. The triumphant, feel good song paired with the epic, balls out nature of the fighters makes for a rush of feel-good sensory overload.

When Landis approached Bay Area rapper Ricky Reed as a fan with an idea to gather between 60-100 of his closest friends, gussy them up in Kigurumis and make them wrestle and fight with pasta, flour, paint, confetti, tampons, and countless other miscellaneous household ammunition- well, we’re not sure what his reaction could have been, but it definitely worked out. We caught up with Max to answer this and many other burning questions about what it was like directing his first music video, what it feels like to have Holi color powder sting your eyeballs, and what the best fighting techniques are should you have to channel your inner chinchilla/gorilla/swan for the next AFC.

What animal truly is the strongest? You’ll have to catch the video to find out. Let us know what animal you would be in The Animal Fighting Championships on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!