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Fri, 12 Apr ’13

Fan Art Friday: Rock, Papercraft, Scissors – Shoot!

These clever creators transfrom pulp to pop art.

Origami is a traditional Japanese art that we all know and love, but papercraft takes that traditional art and kicks it up a notch with elaborate 3D models and designs that make us wish we could do more with our scrap paper than just recycle it. Fortunately, it’s Fan Art Friday, so rather than do the work ourselves, we’re highlighting those papercraft Picassos who blow our minds.

Paper Princess – Most of us labor under the misconception that papercraft is a small-scale hobby designed to make desktop delights. DeviantART’s minidelirium’s life-size Princess Zelda figure begs to differ. Standing an imposing 5’6″, this legendary piece took 226 hours to complete, but only one look to steal our heart meters.

Cubee Cuties – Picasso went through his own cubism phase, so it only makes sense that papercraft enthusiasts would embrace Cubeecraft, a boxier, but no less adorable sub-genre. Scarykurt shows that it’s hip to be square with this adorable ensemble of Okami characters which left us howling with jealousy. 

Super Effective Starters – With so many Pokemon to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which ones to give the papercraft makeover. Much like the Papersmith, we think there’s no better place to start than at the beginning, which is why we can’t get enough of this Johto region starter set

Crafty Castle – Sure, creating characters is all well and good, but what about something as oddly shaped as the castle from Studio Ghibli’s classic Howl’s Moving Castle? DeviantART’s Studio of MM laughs in the face of a challenge (even if it does take 70 hours to make) and the end result is pretty spectacular. Just keep Calcifer at arm’s length from the papercraft, okay?