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Wed, 4 Sep ’13

Farewell, Futurama

The Planet Express crew makes one last delivery.

Tonight is the end of an era. Again. Futurama, the much-loved animated sci-fi/comedy from Matt Groening, which has already been brought back from the dead once, will be laid to rest on Comedy Central at 10:00pm ET/PT. Bender’s shiny metal backside will be kissed for the last time, but not before an episode we’re sure will be just as tear-jerking as the fate of Fry’s dog Seymour. It’s likely the saddest moment in sitcom history. Comedies can make us cry too!

But the episode alone is not all fine Futurama activity. (Cue All My Circuits dramatic music!) Before and after the episode, you can watch exclusive LIVE Q&A’s on the Nerdist Channel hosted by Chris Hardwick with members of the cast and crew, including Groening, executive producer David X. Cohen and actors Billy West, Maurice LaMarche (both former Nerdist Podcast guests), Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom. It’s going to be so awesome you’ll want to steal it and place it in your body cavity like Bender does with everything.

The pre-show show will be at 9:30pm and the post-show show will be at 10:30pm, meaning it’s a Futurama sandwich on Nerdist bread, which as we all know is the ciabatta of YouTube channels. If you’d like more 31st Century jawing, be sure to check out our interviews with David X. Cohen, Maurice LaMarche and the voice of Bender himself, John DiMaggio. No show has been more accurately nerdy while still being pointedly hilarious, so join us on the Nerdist Channel to send Futurama off with a galaxy-rocking bang.