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Mon, 24 Jun ’13

Freddie Wong and the Return of Video Game High School

VGHS is back in session

Between oohing, ahhing and guffawing at the various presentations at E3 last week, we caught up with the cast, crew and creators of the web series Video Game High School. The action comedy series takes place in a not so distant future where gamers are the celebrities and if you have what it takes you can earn your place at the elite academy VGHS to train with the best. But, as protagonist Brian D finds out, it’s still a typical high school filled with bullies and teenage drama. So, pretty much Xbox Live with homework.

The series was so loved that it was released on Netflix as a feature length film, and with the Kickstarter funded Season 2 now fully backed and in post production, we think these guys are here to stay. The show’s co creators Freddie Wong and Matthew Arnold are excited to bring us more of the same action and humor that you loved in the first season, but with more surprises, plot twists and character arcs than you can shake a Wiimote and Nunchaku peripheral at.

Check out our interview with Freddie, Matt and the cast, where we discuss all things to do with the upcoming season, the creators’ favorite games and what it means to be a part of the ever changing new media machine with their production company Rocket Jump. And don’t forget to tweet, Facebook, and Google+ your thoughts! We’d tell you to pass us a note, but we don’t want to wind up in detention.