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Goofy Gadgets: Japan’s Weirdest Gear

Wed, 20 Mar ’13
While Japan is responsible for many conventional technical marvels that we can find in our living rooms – PS3 and, presumably, your HD TV,… more

Nerdist News Wants You…to Win an iPad 3

Thu, 13 Dec ’12
Dorothy. E.T. Will Robinson. You. All looking for a way home, except you might not have realized it yet. See, in the not-too-distant past,… more

Weekly Round-up: Surprising Sodas, Segway Sequels and a Brawler’s Birthday

Thu, 31 May ’12
Take a Seat – If you’re anything like us, your number one gripe with the Segway is all that uncomfortable standing. more

Get a Load of This

Take a (tiny) bite out of crime! Scruff McGruff would be proud of Japan’s Tottori prefecture’s… more