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Nerdist / GCD: Makin’ Sweet Music – Crank It Up With A FREE Jambox!

Mon, 20 Jun ’11
In the ’80s, Revenge of the Nerds was reality: jocks ruled, nerds drooled. These days, our vengeance is relatively complete. Most people… more

Beer Me Up, Scotty

Fri, 13 May ’11
Based on its appearance, you’d think that the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery was discovered on a carbonated rocket ride to deep space. more


Mon, 14 Feb ’11
Remember the movie Wall-E? Of course you do. It’s Valentine’s Day. Who could forget the romantic adventures of that tiny robot trash-… more

Downloading Dinner – The 3-D Food Printer

Mon, 7 Feb ’11
“Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.” Few of us can order up food or beverages as compellingly as Captain Picard – and we refer not just to his… more

Type Casting – Amazing USB Typewriters

Thu, 27 Jan ’11
Back in the day, writers were more like Indiana Jones than Mother Jones. Instead of a bullwhip, they carried a different weapon: a… more

Timber Timepieces – Woody Watches

Thu, 20 Jan ’11
Remember that episode of Futurama in which the surly robot Bender went retro and switched to a body made entirely of wood? Though he… more

Go, Go, Gadgets!

Thu, 13 Jan ’11
Remember disposable income? Us either. If your year-end bonus was “not getting fired,” distract yourself from the new austerity with 2011’s… more

The Console Killer

Thu, 2 Dec ’10
The history of video game development is littered with failed gaming systems. There was the Nokia N-Gage, a game system/cell phone that… more

Clandestine Copter-Cam – Your Very Own Helicopter!

Mon, 15 Nov ’10
Just think of the things you’d do if you had your own flying spy craft. You could buzz the toupee right off that cheapo jerk who’s been… more

Dead Walkman Walking

Thu, 4 Nov ’10
After 30 years and some 220 million units sold, Sony has announced it will discontinue production of its iconic Walkman cassette player. It… more

Get a Load of This

This prototype time-piece from UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau traps insects on… more