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Tue, 3 Sep ’13

Beta’d: A Wedding Against Humanity

Plus, Sir Ian McKellen goes a new direction

ICYMI: In Case You Missed Infinite – In case you haven’t had time to play two of the best games of recent memory, Joshua Quail has taken to the internets with What You Missed By Not Playing, witty speed summaries of Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite for the Nerdist Channel. Join Josh as every twist and turn of the dense games is described at a speed that would make the Micro-Machine man blush.

Nice Day for a PAX Wedding – It’s not everyday you get the chance to have your wedding at PAX, but it’s even more rare to be able to say you had a “Wedding Against Humanity.” Chelsea Breeze and Sam Rossoff were wed in the Cards Against Humanity booth at PAX Prime over the weekend. They were asked to love each other in _____ and _____.

Magneto Knows You’re Beautiful – In case you didn’t know, One Direction added a new member over the weekend to celebrate the launch of their new documentary/concert film. For this one they went for the mutant/wizard/older brother type, Sir Ian McKellen. Check out the awesome first photos of the knightly new 1D’er on Nerdist.com.