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Tue, 25 Oct ’11

Win! A Ticket to a Weekend Game Design Seminar

NYU’s Game Center will help you bring your ridiculous dreams to life.

Back in the day, kids used to say they wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut when they grew up (or a combination like Johnny Storm). Now youngsters invariably say they want to be a game designer. If only there were a three-day convention held by industry leaders to help people realize their digital dreams. Hey, there is! And you can get a $500 ticket on us. All you have to do is set your z-targeting to our contest page. Descend a warp pipe to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for bonus entries.

Practice: Game Design features a bevy of lectures and panels that are sure to get your noggin’s Rumble Pak vibrating. Featured speakers include a lead designer on the forthcoming blockbuster Bioshock: Infinite. It’s not all blips and texture rendering, though. Luminaries from the world of physical gaming will talk too. Panels run the gamut from how to make fighting games more fun to the design philosophy of Kinect’s Dance Central.

All of this game gabbing takes place at NYU’s Game Center from October 28th until the 30th. If you win, you should probably kill two angry birds with one power stone and dress as sexy Luigi those three days. Make like Katamari and roll on over to our contest page. Hop on our Facebook and Twitter pages for extra chances.