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Fri, 6 Jan ’12

Game On: Killer Otaku Apps To Spruce Up Your Smartphone

Level up your phone with these awesome titles

By Dan Casey

Gotta Go FastRelive your glory years on your iPhone with Sonic CD for iOS. Everyone’s favorite spiky, blue hedgehog is back in action in a pristine port of the classic game. With both Japanese and English soundtracks, tons of unlockables and time-traveling, animal-freeing action, you’ll want to slow your roll and take the time to kick Robotnik’s butt.

A Good Tactic – Hold our calls for the next few weeks, we’ll be busy riding Chocobos across Ivalice with Ramza and friends. With a recent HD update from Square Enix, the iOS port of Final Fantasy Tactics is looking better than ever. Now the only reason you’ll ever have to look up from your phone is because the batteries died.

Trigger Happy – Sorry, Steins;Gate, but when it comes to time travel, there’s only one game for us. Another Square Enix gem, Chrono Trigger, the seminal time-travel RPG, is available on both iOS and Android and runs like a dream. Usually saying “a frog, a robot and a princess walk into a time portal” sounds like a bad joke, but in this case it’s the stuff of legend.

Get Your Groove BackTaito’s Reisuke Ishida hits all the right notes in his rhythm game for iOS, Groove Coaster. The spiritual successor to Rez, Groove Coaster places you on a musical “ride” in which you tap the screen to follow the beat. With stunning visuals, great music and frenetic action, it’s easy to pop in your earbuds and get lost in Ishida’s ample amplitudes.