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Sat, 5 Apr ’14

DMW’s LA Games Conference Levels Up LA’s Gaming Scene

Eat your heart out, E3.

If you’re looking to get an industry insider’s perspective on how your favorite titles go from a scribble in a notebook to sold out store shelves, then look no…more

DMW’s LA Games Conference Levels Up LA’s Gaming Scene

Sat, 5 Apr ’14
While LA is home to video gaming conventions of all shapes and sizes, its newest addition, DMW’s LA Games Conference, might just be the…more

Beta’d: New Zero Charisma Trailer is a Critical Hit

Tue, 17 Sep ’13
Dungeon Remastered – The release of Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ Zero Charisma is mere weeks away (October 8th digitally…more

Beta’d: Orgrimmar Slam

Tue, 10 Sep ’13
Orgrimmar You Doing? – It’s been too long since the Horde and Alliance had something really meaty to fight over, but that’s…more

Beta’d: A Wedding Against Humanity

Tue, 3 Sep ’13
ICYMI: In Case You Missed Infinite – In case you haven’t had time to play two of the best games of recent memory, Joshua Quail has taken to…more

Video Game Tuesday: Mutants, Masks and Mystery

Tue, 27 Aug ’13
Shadows Power – You want an exclusive? We’ve got one! It’s the launch trailer for Activision and Red Fly Studio’s hotly…more

Video Game Tuesday: Ghosts, Wolves and Extra Lives

Tue, 20 Aug ’13
Ghosts of War – True Fact: people have collectively played more hours of Call of Duty games than humanity has existed on…more

Nerdbytes: Return to the Skyrim Beat

Thu, 8 Aug ’13
Game Day Comedy – It’s Thursday on YouTube’s Geek Week meaning it’s Gaming Day. Time to celebrating your love of digitally-created…more

E3 2013 Preview

Mon, 10 Jun ’13
The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, will again be taking over the Los Angeles Convention Center for three days of exhibitors showing…more

NERDSWAG: Rooster Teeth’s RTX 2013!

Fri, 31 May ’13
It all started with a bunch of soldiers debating over whether a vehicle looked more like a warthog or a puma and ten years later Rooster…more

Novel Graphics: The Five Best Comic Book Video Games

Wed, 17 Apr ’13
By: Brian WaltonTwo mediums absolutely tailor-made to cohabitate are comic books and video games. Who doesn’t want to take control of their…more

Get a Load of This

Nintendo comes to life, Scandinavian style. more