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Quick Hits

The E3 Awards

Now that the dust has settled, check out our first annual Best of E3 Awards!

E3 for Everyone!

Join intrepid reporter Dan Casey as he ventures into E3 to bring you the highlights. 

The Kids Do E3

Kumail, Emily and Matt deliver an E3 post-mortem on a new episode of Indoor Kids!

Xbox One

Get the scoop on the games and price point for the Xbox One on Nerdist.

Out to Sea

Whitney Moore looks at two indie comics in her new column, Double Feature.

Next Box

Missed the big Xbox One reveal yesterday? We’ve got all you need to know.

Origin Story

Get your first look at the teaser for WB Games’ prequel Arkham Origins.

Double Fine Deal

Humble Bundle and Double Fine have teamed up to offer an incredible game pack.

DICEy Situation

Nerdist News went to the DICE Awards and returned with a hello from Tiny Tina.