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Mon, 24 Jun ’13

Video Game High School is Back in Session

Season 2 is on the way, plus an interview with the creators!


Game On: The Crossover Games We Most Want To See

Tue, 9 Apr ’13
By: Charlene Jimenez more

Bento Box: Shonen, Skirts and Supreme Silliness

Thu, 4 Apr ’13
Gaist Overload – CAPCOM has announced the launch of Gaist Crusher, a brand new series set to debut in the winter of 2013. more

Waiting for Game-dot: The Import Games We Want Most

Tue, 12 Mar ’13
By: Charlene JimenezFew things are worse than spending months and months salivating over a video game when it comes out in Japan only to…more

Back to the Future: Classic Games We Want Remade

Mon, 25 Feb ’13
With the flurry of next-gen console news and a deluge of remakes and ports on the way, we couldn’t help but wonder what classic games were…more

Game On: Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut

Tue, 12 Feb ’13
Not many game designers get the chance to revisit their previous works to answer fan requests, fix mistakes and improve the overall…more

Play It Again, Sam: 5 Games Worth Replaying

Tue, 5 Feb ’13
While it’s always terribly exciting to unwrap the plastic on a brand new game and pop the disc into your console for the first time, it can…more

Ni no Kuni: The JRPG You’ve Been Waiting For

Tue, 22 Jan ’13
In what might be the greatest and most glaringly obvious-in-hindsight combination since chocolate and peanut butter, legendary animation…more

The Video Game Sequels We’d Most Like to See

Tue, 15 Jan ’13
While last week’s announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS came as a surprise to Pokemon fans, it wasn’t exactly a…more

The Most Anticipated Games of 2013

Wed, 9 Jan ’13
If there is one thing that can be said about 2012, it’s that it was a banner year for video games with scores of AAA titles taking up our…more

Game On: The Awards We Wish Were Given Out

Tue, 18 Dec ’12
While we love gaming-centric award shows like Spike’s Video Game Awards and Machinima’s Inside Gaming Awards and year-end best-of lists, we…more