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Thu, 17 May ’12

The Many Faces of Machinima

Gamers, guns and gags prevail at the next-generation entertainment network.

The word "machinima" used to refer strictly to movies made from tweaking existing videogame environments to create a whole new story, but Machinima has taken…more

Palm Your Old NES!

Wed, 25 Nov ’09
Portable gaming devices like the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS are so smug, what with their “tiny” game cartridges that fit “conveniently”…more

One Screen Saver to Rule Them All

Tue, 24 Nov ’09
As unlikely as it may sound to you now, a day will come when you inevitably grow bored of your dangerously cute screen saver showing…more

Voice of the Joker! Mark Hamill Speaks

Mon, 23 Nov ’09
Nerdist News: You’ve done the Joker’s voice in numerous animated incarnations including this year’s Arkham Asylum video game. Is that type…more

Touchscreen Kill Machine!

Tue, 17 Nov ’09
Put your booger excavators to work on something new—and potentially bloodier­—with Assassin’s Creed II, out today for the iPhone and…more

Doom Unleashes Hell on the iPhone

Wed, 11 Nov ’09
Thanksgiving dinner with the fam might still be weeks away, but you can experience your own personal hell a little early this year thanks…more

Best Female Video-Game Character. Ever.

Tue, 27 Oct ’09
Move over, Ms. Pac-Man. Sorry, Samus. Later, Lara. Your hand-cramping glory days as the top ladies in the game biz are officially over….more

A Softer Side of Superheroism?

Tue, 20 Oct ’09
Well, it sure didn’t take long for Disney to Mickey up the Marvel Universe. Look what they did to poor Wolverine! What’s next, Zac Efron as…more

Astro Joy

Mon, 19 Oct ’09
As you watch the new Astro Boy movie and fire up his new video game this week, we already know what you’re going to shout out in horror: “…more

Don’t fear the reaper. Annihilate him

Tue, 13 Oct ’09
Attention headbangers: Safely combine your twin loves of heavy metal and violence with 100 percent fewer self-inflicted concussions. Today…more

Link Paper Cut Me!

Wed, 7 Oct ’09
Forests are overrated. We should cut down all the trees, pulp them up, then use the resulting paper to let everyone in America glue…more