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Tue, 17 Sep ’13

Beta’d: New Zero Charisma Trailer is a Critical Hit

Plus, Assassins get Creedy and things get Superhot.

Bonus Skill Points – The release of Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ Zero Charisma is mere weeks away (October 8th digitally, October 11th in cinemas) and we…more

Geek this Week: Mass Hysteria

Thu, 16 Feb ’12
By: Brian Walton more

Geek This Week: Devotion to Downloads

Tue, 10 Jan ’12
Pray Like a Pirate Day – Folks who illegally download movies and music for free can get awfully self-righteous in defense of their…more

Battle Los Angeles

Tue, 27 Dec ’11
You unwrapped a stack of games, now you’ve just gotta play ’em. Maybe you’ve got a hot deck to dig through, or perhaps you aim to rule a…more

Game for the Holidays

Tue, 20 Dec ’11
The tree is decorated, the dog has on his favorite red sweater and your entire family is en route to stay at your house for the week. Now…more

Go Get ‘Em, Gumshoes!

Mon, 19 Dec ’11
Walking the streets of Hollywood can be a very dangerous thing. Trying to avoid throngs of tourists, costumed weirdos, daywalkers (or so we…more

Halo: Combat Re-Evolution

Sun, 13 Nov ’11
By: Brian Walton10 years is a long time to stay in the collective gaming consciousness and few games have managed to hold gamers…more

Nintendo Gives Times Square a Mushroom Power-up

Thu, 10 Nov ’11
Mario platform games are rarer than a Kuribo’s Shoe. By our count, there have been only nine proper platform titles in the plumber’s 27-…more

Anthropology Lecture Casts Illumination Spell on World of Warcraft

Fri, 4 Nov ’11
The humble MMORPG genre is a time sucker of the highest order. You always need to grind out just one more level, obtain one more precious…more

Win! A Ticket to a Weekend Game Design Seminar

Tue, 25 Oct ’11
Back in the day, kids used to say they wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut when they grew up (or a combination like Johnny Storm). Now…more

Tommy Wiseau, Video Game Reviewer, Is Out Of This World

Mon, 17 Oct ’11
You know him as the oddly spoken, unusual auteur of the oft-mocked and adored The Room. But now Tommy Wiseau is coming to Youtube, on…more