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Mon, 24 Jun ’13

Video Game High School is Back in Session

Season 2 is on the way, plus an interview with the creators!


Weekly Round-up: Surprise Sequels, Skateboard Sculptures and a "Battle" for Broadway

Fri, 2 Mar ’12
Gotta Catch Even More! – Just when you thought you’d filled your Pokedex to the brim, GameFreak has announced that Pokemon Black/White…more

An E3 to Phone Home About

Fri, 10 Jun ’11
The annual advent of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is like the circus coming to town, only instead of elephants and tigers you get blue…more

Best Female Video-Game Character. Ever.

Tue, 27 Oct ’09
Move over, Ms. Pac-Man. Sorry, Samus. Later, Lara. Your hand-cramping glory days as the top ladies in the game biz are officially over….more