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Tue, 17 Sep ’13

Beta’d: New Zero Charisma Trailer is a Critical Hit

Plus, Assassins get Creedy and things get Superhot.

Bonus Skill Points – The release of Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ Zero Charisma is mere weeks away (October 8th digitally, October 11th in cinemas) and we…more

Your Homework = Play Video Games!

Tue, 28 Jun ’11
It’s the 39th anniversary of the founding of Atari, the company that basically invented the concept of video gaming. Founder Nolan Bushnell…more

Atari’s Auteur

Tue, 28 Jun ’11
by Christopher FealyIt was 39 years ago today that Atari was born and taught most of Generation X to play. From an old TV set, a laundry…more

Geek This Week – Facebook 420

Mon, 27 Jun ’11
#1. Pot of Gold – Showtime’s new Facebook app Weeds Social Club has gone Beta as of today. Step into the shoes of pot-Mom Nancy Botwin,…more

Geek This Week – Monopoly Goes Metal

Tue, 14 Jun ’11
#1. Master of Properties – Hasbro is releasing Monopoly, the Metallica edition. “Free Parking” is now “Free Downloads.” Land there, and…more

An E3 to Phone Home About

Fri, 10 Jun ’11
The annual advent of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is like the circus coming to town, only instead of elephants and tigers you get blue…more

Mixed Rinks – E3 After Party

Mon, 6 Jun ’11
Mount your Metal Gear: the E3 invasion is upon us. But if you’re not with the industry folks on the show floor, that doesn’t mean you need…more

WoW Cards: A Battle Even 3P0 Can Win

Thu, 26 May ’11
He’s the only actor with spoken dialogue in all six Star Wars films, and probably possesses the only waistline to fit in the same costume…more

Dangerous Game: WIN! Big Buck Hunter Arcade Console Worth Over $6,000!

Mon, 23 May ’11
First time looking down the barrel of a high powered light-gun? Try to stay calm. This is no ordinary beast you’re tracking. It’s okay to…more

Tabletop Tomfoolery: Celebrity D&D

Wed, 4 May ’11
Role-playing games are great because they let you live out your wildest fantasies—that’s not your friend across from you, that’s an elvish…more