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Thu, 30 Jun ’11

GCDeal: Gorgeous Gamers, Double Dough

GameCrush is for lovers of games and…other things

If we told you we could guarantee you a good date, you’d be interested, right? What if we also offered to pay for half of it? You’re not going to find a deal like that in a singles bar, but you absolutely will at GameCrush. Purchase your GameCrush bucks through GCD, and we’ll double your credits: $40 worth for $20. It’s a not-indecent proposal for you amorous lovers of gaming…and your fellow gamers. Take us up on it by 8 p.m. Tuesday July 5, 2011; this deal won’t last forever, and your chance for electro-amour awaits.

GameCrush works a bit like a virtual bar, if that bar were full of online video games. It’s a social networking site that’s free to sign up for and interact in. A bonus of this social-gaming atmosphere is that you can buy the lady or fella of your choice a virtual gift with your credits. Collect enough credits and you can cash out in the Reward Zone, where prizes range from T-shirts to night vision goggles to a full-size Pac-Man/Galaga arcade table.

GCD is your wingman, so we’re stacking the game deck in your favor. With our limited offer, $20 will get you 2400 credits (a $40 value) LIMIT: One per customer. That would barely buy a decent dinner at most places whose names don’t rhyme with “McRonald’s.” Give our gambit a try and you can enjoy gaming with (and crushing on) some of the hottest players on the scene. Match wits with the lovely, leggy Nerdress (she “hates pants”) or take some hot shots at Maeve or Aerith. But be sure to make it your quest to pick this deal up soon. Come Monday, it’s Game Over for the double-your-money deal. Let your wild-side ride, let your adventurous gamer nature take over…and let the games begin!